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Chris Lee, ‘Myoptic’

June 6 - June 13

70 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
(917) 584 0579

Undercurrent is proud to present Carl Lee’s Myoptic for their inaugural launch in DUMBO. Myoptic will be Lee’s first solo show in New York City. On display are several media installations that act as containers for memory, time, and community.

Undercurrent is a collective of artists who originated from Sla307 Art Space (2014-2019). Branching out, they have regrouped and refined our mission and program to more accurately reflect one another and enhance the objectives we seek to attain in our new platform. Myoptic marks the move to a new home and Undercurrent’s neighborhood debut in DUMBO.

Lee’s show will include Last House, a three-channel video installation, with footage centered around the demolition of a single-family home in Buffalo, NY. Beginning with the portrait of a home, Lee obfuscates the house’s identity by distilling it to a silhouette. The iconic outline provides space for us to fill with our own memories and historically references silhouette portraiture predating the advent of photography. The background fades from black to moving imagery around the structure of the home, forcing us to consider absence and presence within the changing landscape. Lee weaves us from exterior imagery to interior clips of domestic life, where morning light casts endless chiaroscuro shadows abstracting the familiar space while drawing attention to fragments. Paralleling our experiences with memory, these parts of a whole are amplified with the poetic dubbing of a slow demolition, foreshadowing the home’s eventual physical demise. We are powerless as we view footage of the demolition, relating to our own mortality and the inevitability of decay. Last House is a real-time vanitas installation where time slips by, surrendering our memory and sense of home to change. Lee appropriately implies that with every end is a rebirth, of which he leaves to our imagination.

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