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Subvert City

November 3, 2018 - December 22, 2018

16 Main Street, Suite A
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Wed–Sat, 11–5

MINUS SPACE is delighted to present Subvert City, a group exhibition conceived by gallery artist Vincent Como. The exhibition brings together five artists of several generations –- John Beech, Sharon Brant, Vincent Como, Michelle Magot, and Lael Marshall -– who are engaged in varied and distinct forms of painterly heresy. The artists presented in Subvert City honor the modern painting canon by undermining, oversaturating, or inverting it. Employing an apophatic approach to art making, the works by these artists range from the visceral and to the sublime, and stress a unadorned, material objectness.

John Beech’s works merge the formal concerns of Minimalism with the common materials and utilitarian objects found in the everyday urban environment, including “discovered” materials, cast offs, garbage bins, and moving dollies. In her work, Sharon Brant applies dense, opaque encaustic paint in black or white around the outer perimeter of beveled oval panels leaving irregular, suggestive patches of wood grain suspended at their centers. Vincent Como’s ongoing work foregrounds a semiotic approach to the color black, and through a wide array of diverse materials, investigates the myriad associations of black as an observable pigment and an absorber of light. Black acts as both a mark of information and an agent of its negation. Working with the properties of matter, color, and irregularity, Michelle Magot’s employs absurd and illogical strategies to investigate the creative act, the unconscious, and non-referential spaces. And finally, Lael Marshall fashions irregularly shaped remnants of wood covered in repurposed fabric, paint, and on occasion cat hair, into humble, diminutive objects that evoke a raw sublime.