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January 12 - February 24

Smack Mellon
92 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Wed-Sun, 12–6
(718) 834-8761

Smack Mellon is pleased to announce two solo exhibitions, Bonnie Collura: Prince and Rachelle Mozman Solano: Metamorphosis of Failure, opening concurrently on January 12, 2019. Both artists create installations that challenge male-dominated narratives, portraying their male subjects from their positions of creative prowess. Bonnie Collura constructs several versions of a male surrogate out of disparate materials, flipping the gender roles of artist/creator and model/muse. Rachelle Mozman Solano takes on iconic artist Paul Gauguin by casting him as a self-doubting disappointment in his own biographical story, seeking affirmation from the ambivalent women who he aims to dominate. By putting forth alternative narratives, Collura and Mozman Solano envision women as empowered protagonists of their own storylines.

Bonnie Collura’s sculptural installation Prince critiques our culture’s pattern of repeating iconic characters, gestures, and polarizing traits to create heroes. In her ongoing project, Collura interprets the Prince figure as an amalgamation of four archetypal male characters from history, religion, and popular culture: Jesus, St. Sebastian, C-3PO (the droid from Star Wars), and Abraham Lincoln. Four solid, mixed-media sculptures represent each of these individuals as they gesture in response to four translucent counterparts that are made of sewn, silk organza and suspend from the ceiling like gossamer sheaths. By building both their bodies and shedding skins through sewing, the artist aims to rebuke tropes of the heroic male sculptor, as well as constructs that create patriarchal icons.