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Paul Simmons: Clear Spot

August 27 - October 21

Main Window
One Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

Paul Simmons is a multi-media, Brooklyn, NY based artist. Simmons will exhibit a site-specific installation for Main Window on view from August 27th through October 21st, 2019.

In his work, Simmons deconstructs the formal elements of language and reinterprets them through a process of layering, highlighting their own history of making. Like a palimpsest, the underlying marks on the surface yield clues to a previous function, here incorporated into a larger compositional whole. The image alludes to a variety of references — topographical maps, figural or sculptural forms, contemporary hairstyles — but ultimately bears little resemblance to anything specific instead presenting how one could construct its recollection through an ontological index of shapes, lines, colors and textures.


Check Main Window’s social media accounts for more information, here.