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Jeff Kraus, ‘My Bunny the Snake’

May 16 - June 26

20 Jay Street, Suite 837
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Thurs - Fri 12-6pm
(347) 915-5590

Asphodel is delighted to present My Bunny the Snake, Jeff Kraus’s first one-person exhibition in New York and with the gallery.

Kraus’s studio sits on the far side of Greenpoint, within striking distance of contaminated baseball fields and a National Grid waste depot, among chop shops, Chinese ex-pat marble cutting workshops, and rag picking factories. A visit to his studio reminds us that some corners of a rapidly changing city remain untamable and unmappable.

\Kraus is an ancient sort of artist: a mark maker. Scores of spontaneous movements are dragged, scratched, and impressed upon and into surfaces, creating hazy environments populated by eroded, quasi-architectural fragments which vibrate, slip, and recede. His work emphasizes the performative act of painting and drawing, tapping out conflicting rhythms and synthesizing colliding, garish hues. Kraus’s painterly language is also cryptically autobiographical, drawing upon his own archive of text messages, travelogues, and photography as source materials for this body of work.

Together with the artist, New Archive, an independent publishing imprint in Brooklyn, New York, has published Early Leathr, a 32-page limited edition book featuring new works by the artist with an accompanying text by Jacob Bullard. A limited number of books will be available at the gallery. My Bunny the Snake is on view through June 26.

For more information about the artist and the gallery, please contact us at gallery@asphodel.us.