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Ken Rosenthal & Lynn Silverman – Works in Black and White

May 17 - June 29

89 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Wed–Sat 11–6

Klompching Gallery is pleased to present a two-person exhibition, of traditional black & white photographs, by Ken Rosenthal and Lynn Silverman. Both artists are authorities in the art of darkroom printing, making this a wonderful opportunity to witness the connoisseurship of traditional photographs. The show includes some key artworks from Rosenthal’s archive, alongside a selection from Silverman’s expansive ‘Lifeline’ series.

In many respects, the exhibition is a celebration of analog photography’s enduring indexicality, and the importance of light as a key element of the photographic image. Both artists work with light in different ways, converging with an interesting dialogue, whereby the light is not just what we see, but is performative as a metaphor for expanded narratives.

“The conveyance of energy is the heart of this project. All of the cords depicted in these images supply the electricity to the light source, which makes the photograph possible. Sometimes, the cable changes its identity from a crisp line to a faint trace, as if it was a ray, wave, particle, halo, or flare of light”.—Lynn Silverman.