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Itinerant Women

January 23, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Triangle Arts Association
20 Jay Street, Suite 318
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
(718) 858-1260

“We don’t know, we’ll never know what Wanda, the heroine of Barbara Loden’s film, found by the end of her journey. Maybe she was searching, like Ferdinand Céline in Journey to the End of the Night, for “the worst possible grief, to make us truly ourselves before we die”? One thing is certain: quest, or pause, awakening, or illusion, there is something potent in her wandering. And unsurprisingly she is not the only one to wander. Judith in The Savage Eye, Rosemonde in The Salamander, Giulana in Red Desert walk and search the same way. One is reminded of Pippa Bacca, the young Italian artist, who traversed Europe in 2008 as a protest for peace, and was subsequently murdered by one of the rides she took. So many obstinate figures, real or imaginary, who light up for a brief moment the opacity of the world.” – Nathalie Léger

In Itinerant Women, Nathalie Léger introduces and reads from her booksSuite for Barbara Loden (Dorothy Project, 2016) and La Robe Blanche (The White Dress, to be published in the fall 2020) while showing excerpts from Barbara Loden’s Wanda (1970), Peter Zinner’s The Salamander (1971), Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert (1964), Ben Maddow, Sidney Meyers and Joseph Strick’s The Savage Eye (1960) and Joël Curtz’s The Bride(2012). Full participant bios here.

This lecture-performance is part of Women in Public, a series of events curated by Kara Oehler, Courtney Stephens and Mathilde Walker-Billaud around the figure of the female traveler. It also includes the workshop Critical Terrain — Motion and Travel as Documentary Practice on January 24-26 and a lecture-screening on Sunday January 26, both at UnionDocs (more details here).

Women in Public is part of Brooklyn Falls for France, a cultural season organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation in partnership with Brooklyn venues.