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How We Move: Reverence, Revelation, and Rapture

November 6, 2019 - December 2, 2019

Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

For the second iteration of their How We Move series, subtitled Reverence, Revelation, and Rapture, The Luminal Theater’s Jacqui Brown has curated five short films that eloquently capture Black folk navigating liminality. For this installation, liminality is a place of disorientation and ambiguity, a threshold between the sacred and the secular, in which creativity and heightened existence are incubated. So often, black movement is conflated with athleticism or rhythm. However, this installation presents the core capability of our movement, which comes from a place charged by terror and glory, rage and respite, legacy and boundless grace. These films reveal, through various experimental techniques, the spaciousness, quiet, rhythm, and colors of our liminal spaces.

Filmmakers Safiyah ChiniereAhmad R. SaeedRussell Hamilton, Gerald Leavell II, and Kyle Pompey suffuse their films and their subjects with both levity and charge, through experimentation and quiet technical skill. Their films share an activation by our peers, a reverence for our elders, and the interconnected melodies of our words. Microfilms THE WOODS (2019) by Safiyah Chiniere, and Kingdom Day (2019) and Sunday El Co (2019) by Russell Hamilton, are curated as refrains. These films serve as groundations by two Jamaican-American filmmakers, helping to unearth and distill cinematic revelations within the longer films, How Did You Feel After Receiving Notice of Your Extermination? (2017) by Ahmad Saeed and Call it Krushed (2018) by Gerald Leavell II and Kyle Pompey.

We are suspended, and because of this, so close to our magic. You can’t replicate it, these extrasensory haloes of experience; this is what you can’t appropriate.