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FRESH 2020 Artist Talk: Marcus DeSieno and Jesse Rieser

October 8, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

89 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

Marcus DeSieno and Jesse Rieser will be joined by the owners of the Klompching Gallery, Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching, for an artist talk about their work in the Fresh 2020 Annual Summer Exhibition.

Marcus DeSieno is a visual artist who is interested in how the advancement of visual technology continually changes and mediates our understanding of the world. DeSieno is particularly interested in the unseen political ideologies embedded in this technology. He received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida and is the Assistant Professor of Photography at Central Washington University. DeSieno’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and his work has also been featured in a variety of publications including The British Journal of Photography, The Boston Globe, FeatureShoot, GUP Magazine, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, National Geographic’s Proof, PDN, Slate, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post and Wired. DeSieno’s first monograph, No Man’s Land: Views From a Surveillance State, was published by Daylight Books in 2018.

Jesse Rieser says: Since I was 17, I’ve been a student of the human condition, looking through a lens, creating images filled with telling details and compelling characters. I am drawn to photography because it tells stories through disclosure just as much as through omission. My work is an exploration of honesty. It’s about decision-making and details. It’s about viewpoint. It’s about hiding some things. And showing others. The other element of photography I find so compelling is it’s immediacy. Button pressed, moment captured. But that moment can take an hour, a day, a lifetime to happen, to create, to evolve. And anyone can press a button. But what I do is take a certain kind of photo. I engage with subjects. Some call it empathy. Some call it charm. My mom just says I’m a nice young man.