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For Fates

April 18 - May 19

A.I.R. Gallery
155 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Wed-Sun, 11–6

Gallery II

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce For Fates, an exhibition by Fellowship Artist Melanie Crean. The goal of Crean’s project is to reimagine what a future culture of justice might be like in New York City after the close of the Rikers Island Jail Complex. A range of ideas, texts, and designs was produced in workshops with groups affected by the criminal justice system. The exhibition features outcomes from these sessions, shown from the perspective of the imagined future. A selection of these visions has been realized in prototypes, and design specifications have been compiled in a publication complemented by short essays that describe how such ideas can start becoming realities.

Geared toward leveraging the experience of a range of experts impacted by the justice system, the workshops were organized with partners at the Red Hook Community Justice Center and Institute for Transformative Mentoring. Experts included peacemakers working with restorative justice, participants in alternatives to incarceration programs, architects designing justice spaces, and youth working with restorative justice in schools. Using methods based in visionary fiction and speculative design, each group described a personalized vision of community-based justice. These included redirecting technology used for predictive policing to anticipate the need for care, and creating organic models of justice and healing centers that integrate the natural environment.

Displayed works are derived from these multiple perspectives. The four Visioning Masks for Restorative Justice Circles might be worn in a speculative future, incorporating live streaming and memory capability to facilitate remembering the perspective of each person involved in a justice circle dialogue. The Database of Predictive Care functions in the present day, using algorithms similar to predictive policing to anticipate the need for location-based support for mental wellness.

Public programming accompanying the exhibition will include a presentation and discussion with artists and activists working to promote justice within civic infrastructure.