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First Thursday Gallery Walk

February 4, 2016, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The first Thursday of every month‚ the galleries of DUMBO stay open late, hosting special events and receptions. Neighborhood restaurants and bars have specials for First Thursday patrons. Don’t miss it!

February’s highlights include Art in General’s inaugural exhibition Beyond Credit, a selection of contemporary Georgian artists, at their new gallery space at 145 Plymouth Street. At A.I.R. Gallery, Sharon Butler of Two Coats of Paint will award one female artist participating in the Generations X: Razzle Dazzle showcase a prize. United Photo Industries will present Tahir Karmali’s Jua Kali, meaning “fierce sun” in Swahili. The series of portraits show Nairobi workers who have created surreal identities for themselves, with found objects as personal adornment, and more.


Information about all participating venues below:

A.I.R Gallery (155 Plymouth Street) presents Generations X: Razzle Dazzle. The exhibit features more than 200 women artists of many generations and styles. On February 4th, Sharon Butler Prize will present her eponymous prize to one lucky artist whose work will be chosen as her favorite piece and win $100! The gallery also presents Tuscan Spring, in which Nancy Azara used a “leaf” theme with scroll works on Mylar, made in Greve, Italy. These collaged scrolls with tracings of leaves and trees and marks made from woodcuts, are painted and slashed sections, cut out and often reversed and glued. The leaves are from a New York domestic rhododendron plant as well as from the fields of the Tuscan countryside. And Fanny Allié’s Vessels builds the structure of a story in which characters coexist with makeshift, handmade dwellings along with domestic objects related to an everyday vernacular imagery. From fragments of images extracted from the daily news, snippets of persistent personal memories or simple observations of her surroundings, she presents a narrative thread that solidly connects humans to each other. On view through February 7, 2016

Art in General (145 Plymouth Street) presents its inaugural exhibit Beyond Credit, featuring Thea Gvestadze, Mamuka Japharidze, Nika Machaidze, Nino Sekhniashvili, and Gio Sumbadze. Beyond Credit is an Art in General International Collaboration curated by Wato Tsereteli, Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia. This group exhibition features a selection of contemporary Georgian artists who are highly regarded in Eastern Europe but relatively unknown in the United States. Beyond Credit seeks to explore the artist’s process, as a mixture of modes involving rational thinking, intuition, contradiction, accident, mistake, and absurdity, all of which serve as the building blocks for not only their artistic practices, but also their lives. As an exchange program, Art in General also brings New York-based artists to exhibit new works at international partner institutions. On view through April 2, 2016.

Brooklyn Bridge Park (99 Plymouth Street) presents The Wonder Under by Matthew Jensen, which uses collection and photography to explore the place histories of public landscapes in New York City. The exhibition features hundreds of meticulously cut photographs of found objects collected from the surrounding landscape. These are displayed in two-dimensional curiosity cabinets that reference museum vitrines, but without employing the logical order commonly associated with such forms of display. On view through March 31, 2016

Gallery Gaia (79 Hudson Avenue) presents Toa Castellanos: Selfies or Portrait of the Artist As… featuring recent mixed media portraits by Castellanos that challenge ideas of idenitity. On view through February 28, 2016

KLOMPCHING GALLERY (89 Water Street) features work by Cara Barer. The artist transforms outdated, abandoned and obsolete books into coiled, crumpled and sculptural objects. Following this labor-intensive reconfiguration, she photographs them and presents the final artworks as large-scale pigment prints—lush in color and highly detailed. Through this process of re-imagination, the books segue into a carefully considered commentary on their changing role of how society accesses and values knowledge in a technologically advanced context. Ultimately, Barer’s work questions the value of the book itself. On view through February 27, 2016

Light Year (Pearl Street Triangle) presents “Crosstalk: New Video Art from Europe,” curated by Szilvi Nemet, featuring a selection of works from the Budapest-based “Crosstalk” platform. The show is a window into the cutting edge of Eastern Europe’s rapidly evolving New Media Scene. Artists: Ádám Ulbert, Natalija Vujosevic, Iván Rohonyi Demko, Gergő Kovács, Tamás Komoróczky, Rui Hu.

Made in NY Media Center (30 John Street) will open Visualaries: A 30th Anniversary Showcase of Select Media Artists. NYFA Curatorial partners with the Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Media Arts Gallery to present Visualaries, a new media exhibition featuring the work of ten NYFA Digital/Electronic Media artists. This exhibition is produced in continuation with NYFA’s 30th Anniversary celebration of the Artists’ Fellowship Award program. On view until February 29, 2016.

Main Window (1 Main Street) will host an opening reception for Patricia Fabricant, a painter working primarily in gouache and oil paint. Her work explores color and line and the layered tension between geometric and organic forms. It borders on the psychedelic. On view through February 28, 2016

Masters Projects (91 Water Street) will preview Irving Penn’s Women, Warrior. The exhibition connects Irving Penn’s first major non-commercial study—silver prints of posed nudes taken in New York between 1949-50—alongside platinum prints of his most ambitious personal undertaking: ethnographic portraits taken in Africa throughout the 70s. On view February 13 – April 9, 2016.

MINUS SPACE (16 Main Street, Suite A) presents the solo exhibition Cris Gianakos: RAMPWORKS. This is the New York City-based artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and will highlight a new, large-scale ramp installation, as well as a selection of drawings and works on paper related to his previous ramp sculptures spanning the past four decades. On view through February 20, 2016

Museum Quality (59 Pearl Street) presents Sebastian Storz’s Situation Winter Break. From the artist: “I am standing in a room holding an image in my hand and showing you this image.” During situation winter break, the space Museum Quality will be falling while it holds something that is falling while it is falling. Sebastian Storz lives and works in Berlin.

In continuation with New York Foundation for the Arts’ (20 Jay Street, 7th Floor) 30th Anniversary celebration of the Artists’ Fellowship Program, they present Stacks: Three Decades of Writing Fellows with an Installation by Anne Muntges, curated by David C. Terry. Stacks is an exhibition of published works from over 100 NYFA Literary Fellows within a Marks: A site-specific installation by Anne Muntges. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., 12 NYFA literary fellows featured within the exhibition will read selections from their work. At 7:30 p.m. Anne Muntges will give an artist’s talk within her installation. On view through February 12, 2016.

SInotique (70 John Street) presents Into the Woods, featuring work by three artist from East Hampton: Audrey LeeTed Tyler, and Tim Okamura, three contemporary artists remixing ancient Asian aesthetics in wood, modular installations, and abstract ceramics. On view through February 25, 2016.

Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street) presents two solo shows: Christine Sciulli and Nona Faustine. Both artists present work which conflates New York City’s history within a unique and compelling contemporary lens. On view through February 21, 2016.

Triangle Arts Association (20 Jay Street, Suite 318) will host a special event with their artists-in-residence, A Rendering in Seven Fits. Triangle invites you into our studios to view works-in-progress that explore the hidden stories embedded inside our urban landscape. One night only.

United Photo Industries (16 Main Street, Suite B) will open Tahir Karmali’s Jua Kali. Jua Kali is Swahili for “Fierce Sun,” an old phrase referring to the laborers that worked under scorching daytime conditions. Its contemporary use has broadened to mean people that work in the informal economy, yet the stigma that such a life is substandard remains. In reality, it is the Jua Kali sector that fuels the city of Nairobi: with thrift, earnestness, passion and creativity. Each portrait visits a personality who has carved a surreal identity for themselves within the Jua Kali world. The images intimate the idea of found objects as personal adornment, creating a synergy of circuits and flesh that elevate the subject to superhuman status. On view until March 26, 2016.

Usagi NY (163 Plymouth Street) presents Brooklyn in Process: Work by Marvel Architects. The exhibition explores the creative process and reveals, through multi-media presentation how one firm found inspiration for seven distinct projects. They showcase Marvel’s recent work in Brooklyn, including St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO, PierHouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park and McCarren Pool in Williamsburg. The show features aerial video by Marvel Vision. In conjunction with the gallery show, they will host a public conversation series, CITIZEN/ DESIGNER: Everyday People Making the City. The gallery temporary turns into the architects studio and a public salon, where participants will openly exchange ideas with practitioners, urban planners, community leaders, artists and activists, with moderation by Marvel Architects’ staff. Through the vision of one firm, this exhibition and series of talks will explore the urban environmental transitions of Brooklyn. On view through March 12, 2016.