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Open Studios

DUMBO Summer Open Studios 2019

August 22

Triangle Arts Association
20 Jay Street, Suite 318
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
(718) 858-1260

Join Triangle to celebrate our Summer Residency Season. Meet current residents, view their work and studios before their residencies come to a close at the end of August. This event is free and open to the public and is wheelchair accessible. Artists-In-Residence bio below.

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Amiko Li (b. 1993, Shanghai, China) is a visual artist working across photography, text, and video. Through strategies of reenactment, exchange and mistranslation, his works explore an aleatoric approach to the nuances in the cultural and social system, as well as ethics of language and representation. He is currently working on a text-based project that draws sources including acupuncture, palm reading, induction of psychogenic illness, tetrochromacy in birds, rating system, and body autonomy.

Adam Liam Rose (b. 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, photography, video and installation. Born in Jerusalem and raised mostly in the United States, his works investigate the aesthetic systems of power embedded within architecture. Rose draws inspiration from political realities in Israel / Palestine and the United States, often looking to structures of separation and control whose intentions either manifest outright, or slither beneath the surface. Utilizing and subverting utilitarian materials including paper, textiles, and plywood, he creates a space for dialogue between the permanent and the ephemeral, the physical body, and the history embedded in objects.

Maija Luutonen (b. 1978) is a visual artist based in Helsinki, who primarily works with painting on paper. Luutonen’s aproach to painting is conceptual, yet her practice is strongly influenced by the seemingly uncontrolles sides of the mind. Often examining the attributes and expanding the limits of the medium, her work simultaneously deals with two-dimensionality and spatiality, as well as the very notion of representation. This exploration extends to the surface of the paper, sometimes handled as a relief in which her markings bring forth shapes from the reverse side. Considering the surface as something transient, Luutonen addresses the relation between time and movement. Her practice often narrates around spatial immersion, our relation to built environment, nature and all its scales. In more recent work she focuses on the oscillation between anxiety and ecstasy in times of constant input, on encrypted subjects, language formation and strange weather. Reflecting on spatiality through an otherwise flat surface, the artist deals with notions of seemingly enclosed spaces, or rooms; where we live, where we look out, where the material and digital more and more seem to merge, where art is presented. The surface becomes a bag of narratives and thoughts; the room a stage for both withdrawal and emergence.

Andrew Ross (b. 1989, Miami) creates sculptural experiences that shift in representation as one encounters and walks around them. From some vantage points they are illustrative, and from others they may appear cobbled and on the verge of collapse. Ross develops hybridized production processes to make his works, often combining mold-making techniques with d.i.y. techniques that intersect with hobbyist communities and focus on deconstructing household materials and objects. The ways of making that Ross combines bear influence on the works as they deal with themes of desire, daydreaming and fantasy amongst everyday objects and scenes.

Yao Mengxi is an independent curator living and working in Shanghai, China. Through different modes of practices, she calls artists and scholars in various fields to work together, to promote and establish a cultural context belonging to the Chinese language as distinguished from globalization and that which it subordinates. Her recent work involves social cybernetics, the industrialization process of the Republic (China After 1949) and the cultural identity of the worker class. She is co-founder of Radical Space (2014)—which specializes in group exhibitions—and the recipient of international awards for art criticism from Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum and the Royal College of Art. She was chosen to participate in Power Station of Art’s Emerging Curators’ Project and is a regular contributor to Artforum China, Artworld, Ran Dian, and LEAP. She cites traveling outside China in 2017—to documenta 14 and Münster Sculpture Project—as instrumental in helping her determine how to articulate her curatorial work and its urgency in the context of Chinese culture. In New York, she proposes to research group exhibitions, and meet with curators and artists to understand exhibition planning in relation to American culture.