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David Brandon Geeting: Neighborhood Stroll

January 29 - March 7

Janet Borden, Inc.
91 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
Tues-Sat 11am-5pm
(212) 431-0166

JANET BORDEN, INC. is pleased to announce Neighborhood Stroll by David Brandon Geeting. The exhibition will run from 30 January – 7 March 2020.  Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, 30 January, 6-8 pm.

Neighborhood Stroll is a collection of cryptic documentary photographs, created as Geeting wanders the real world with the same bemusement and enthusiasm he brings to the still life.

Conventional documentary photography adheres to a somewhat regimented approach, both in style and theme. Geeting upends this with his goofy, sunny, upbeat take. These photographs are not manipulated—the dizzy juxtapositions were there on the street.

For Geeting, there is no hierarchy in imagery. This is a generational shift: his embrace of nature, rust, crappy, kitschy decay. Somehow Geeting expresses an exuberance for this stuff, seeing it as a fresh world, both cautionaryand accepting.

Geeting says, “I’m interested in things that are out of the ordinary, and the personification of objects — can a chair look sad, or can a plastic bottle look happy?” As he walks along on his neighborhood stroll, they do.