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Andy Van Dinh: Semipermeable

August 29, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Gallery Cubed
DUMBO Archway
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States
(718) 237-8700

Gallery Cubed is pleased to present Andy Van Dinh: Semipermeable — one night only!

Van Dinh was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he earned his BFA in Painting at the University of Calgary. He currently lives in New York where he obtained his MFA in Painting at Hunter College.

In order to cope with my own diasporic perception, I use modes of negation and fantasy in artmaking to conjure ideas of estrangement. This feeling of displacement is difficult to explain. There’s this comprehensible, measurable distance between where I am and over there, but there exists a strange and intangible distance between the two that takes on many ambiguous forms. This indecipherable distance has formed into an ongoing enigmatic desire, which informs the use of the imaginary and fantasy in my works as temporary solutions to issues of self-hood and nameless longings.

This fluctuating world with its fluctuating identities invites us to analyze the unreal, terrifying, tragic yet inviting world of language and desires. I create realms of ambiguous alternate spaces where the self and the other, here and there, the present and the past, can be consolidated. I offer sensory documentation of translations and transference of my becoming and being. I am to be found over there, over here, and in between, (re)adapted, (re)located, and (re)settled.

I am the distillation of displacement; struggling between forgetting and remembering. Operating among the various shapes of longing; like light falling, like touching a bruise.

Pictured is Van Dinh’s “Original Air Max 95”